Video: Why We Use the King James Version

Why do we use the King James Version? If someone asked you, could you explain it to them? This new 21-minute video presents the facts in a clear, concise way that anyone can understand. It’s perfect for:

Why We Use the KJV DVD video
  • use as a “video tract”
  • Sunday School classes
  • home school studies
  • personal education
  • … and for sharing with family members and friends.

After watching this video, you will clearly understand the difference between the King James and the modern versions — and you will understand why we use the King James.

“Why We Use the King James” takes you through a brief manuscript history, talks about some of the personalities involved, and compares some important verses in the KJV with verses in the New International Version.

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What Others Are Saying...

"The video is excellent." -- pastor in Pennsylvania

" I got the video and checked it out - great job!" -- pastor in New York

"My first impression of your video is staggering! What a marvelous job you did creatively to bring this important topic to the public's attention -- I truly believe this video must be seen by people all churches using the "other bibles" in order to bring pressure to the leaders. Wonderful job, a powerful tool in helping to bring the true gospel and God's word to all the people's of the earth." -- RW in New Hampshire

"I just viewed the DVD and thank God for individuals like you with the time, talent and fortitude to put together such a concise, clear presentation." -- AA

Manuscript History

18th Century Influences

The Characters

Verse Comparisons