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Subway follow-up

Monday, July 14th, 2008

A few weeks ago there was a story in the news about how the Subway restaurant chain was specifically excluding homeschoolers from its latest contest.  Now there’s a follow-up on that issue:

Subway makes good on its apology to homeschoolers

Subway apologizes to home schoolers

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

For those who have been foloowing the Subway story, the Subway Restaurant chain apologized today to home schoolers for excluding home-schooled children from their latest essay contest.    That being said, home-schooled kids are still prohibited from participating in the contest.  Subway says that “next time” they will include home schoolers.  The full story can be read at:

At the end of the day, Subway can do whatever they want.  What surprises me, though, is that home schooling is still treated as an afterthought by anyone.

There are huge numbers of children being home schooled today.  It has proven over time to be a valid, valuable, and effective method of education.  Home schoolers have won that national spelling bee, the national geography bee, and many other significant contests.  Graduates of home schools have gone to college and out into the business world, proving to be resounding successes in society.  There is probably not one community in the nation that does not have at least one home-schooled child in it.

 Our children are home schooled.  Like many home schooled kids, they learned to measure by doing home repair projects with dad.  They learned fractions cooking with mom.  The real-world learning opportunities afforded by the home-school environment have simply proven to be invaluable to the children.  This is one reason home schools run by moms with high school educations consistently graduate children that can easily compete toe-to-toe with (some might even say exceed) children educated by professionals with M.A.’s and PhD’s in the government schools.

You would expect home schoolers to be pooh-poohed and excluded by those with vested interests in the educational establishment.  They perceive home schooling to be a threat, so they respond accordingly.

However, there is no excuse or justification these days for home schoolers to be treated as an afterthought in other segments of society.  We are present everywhere.  We represent a huge demographic.  Home-schooling families are often very much involved in their communities, churches, and special events.

 It’s time for the old prejudices to go away.  Home schooling has proven itself equal to the task over a generation, producing literate, successful, stable, and exceptionally well-rounded citizens in our communities.

It’s time for the government’s monopoly (control) of education to go away.  The government has proven itself unequal to the task of providing safe schools, objective teaching, and a cost-effective educational system.

While we say “thank you” to Subway for deciding to include home-schooled children in it’s next contest, we also thank them for reminding us that the struggle for acceptance is far from over.  There are still those that intentionally or unintentionally attempt to marginalize and diminish us.

Well, “I have a dream” — a dream that some day every child in America will have the opportunity of a home education, a dream that our children will be finally accepted for the exceptional successes that they are, and a dream that “those home-school kids” will no longer be an afterthought but seen as part of the whole.

Homeschoolers excluded from Subway essay contest

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

For those who missed it over the weekend, the media picked up a story about Subway Sandwich shops excluding home schoolers from an essay contest:

I’m sure Subway very quickly regretted this marketing faux pas.

 The humourous part of it all was that the essay contest rules featured two very prominent typos!  Read the article for yourself — even if you don’t home school, it’s worth the read.