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New Video: “Why We Use the King James Version”

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I have come across so many people who think that choosing a Bible version is just a matter of preference, that I have put together a 21-minute “video tract” on DVD to explain why we choose the KJV.  The video is now complete, and will be shipping in a week or so.  Pre-order a copy and save.  Show it to your Sunday School class, your family, your bus kids — anyone who can benefit from knowing the historical evidence for the KJV and against the modern Bible versions.

For more about the video, click below:
» Why We Use the King James Version video

Do we know for sure what the Word of God is?

Friday, July 25th, 2008

A couple days ago, a friend forwarded me an article written to discredit the KJV position. My friend is KJV, but his church is having a vote about removing the KJV standard from their church covenant, and it looks like the vote will succeed.

Someone had sent him the article to try to persuade him to drop his own KJV convictions. Well, he didn’t (and he won’t).

I was a little leery of reading the article at first, concerned that it may raise some new issues I hadn’t confronted before and therefore require me to spend time doing research myself. Surprisingly, there was nothing new in it.

In fact, the article itself was about four decades old, and much has been published in the interceding 30-40 years to rebuff the inaccurate assertions it made. It was alarming, though, that an article with that much error was still floating around the Internet and being used to tear down people’s faith.

Even more alarming, however, is that the foundational argument in the article was that we don’t really know what the Word of God is. In an attempt to discredit the Textus Receptus and the King James Version of the Bible, it begins by attempting to befuddle the reader with a pseudo-scholarly recitation of Greek manuscript names and dates, and reasons why certain ones are better than others, and none are perfect.

You know, if someone said to me that they believe that the NIV is the Word of God and they had a coherent, well-reasoned argument for that position, I’d respect them for that. I would disagree, but I would respect them.

But to take the position that we don’t really know what the Word of God is because there are hundreds of disagreeing Greek manuscripts, and therefore we need Greek scholars to choose the best wordings for us, is simply illogical.

Bible scholars pointing to this manuscript or that manuscript for evidence of their pet interpretations is so much like paleontologists pointing to this cheekbone or that tooth or that fossil as evidence of evolution.

Either God inspired and preserved His Word, or He didn’t. If someone takes the position that the Word of God has not been divinely inspired and preserved for today, then the only natural, logical conclusion of that argument is that God does not exist.

That was the most troubling thing about the article my friend forwarded to me. It established as the foundation of its argument that we don’t really know what God’s Word is. Oh, they said that we know for sure about 90% of the words based on manuscript evidence and textual criticism, and to them that was good enough.

But, 90% is not good enough for me. I need to know what 100% of God’s Word says, not 90%. I could not speak with any authority on any spiritual topic if I thought that 10% of my Bible could be wrong.

God is not 90% perfect. He is 100% perfect. The Bible is not 90% accurate. It is 100% accurate.

That’s why I could have respect for someone who came to me with another Bible version, saying it is the Word of God, and presenting a well-reasoned argument for it. I would disagree and try to dissuade them, but I would respect them, because at least their argument is based upon the premise that God does exist.

These folks who believe that Bible scholars have to reconstruct God’s Word for Him (because apparently God did such a poor job preserving it for us – isn’t God lucky to have these scholars to help Him!), are a completely different matter. If you follow their line of reasoning, the natural, logical conclusion is that God does not exist, since He obviously did not preserve His inspired Word for us.

If God exists, then He has preserved His Word. If we have no preserved Word, then there can be no God because if there were, He would have preserved His Word for us.

This Bible versions debate is a whole lot more significant than most folks realize. If we are to live for God, we need to have His Word in our hands. To say that we cannot know for sure what the Word of God is, is to deny the very existence of God.

Gay man sues Bible Publishers

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

We all knew this was coming, so it’s not a surprise.  Here’s a link to the article:

‘Gay’ man sues Bible publishers

The interesting twist here, which I did not expect, is how the Bible versions issue ties in with it.

This guy is representing himself at court in these cases, so his law suit is unlikely to go anywhere, but there will be more like him (but better prepared) in the future. 

But, “… see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass….”  (Matthew 24:6)

Yes, they have removed the Ten Commandments and nativity scenes from public property.  Yes, there are now perpetual lawsuits over the “One Nation Under God” in the Pledge of Allegience.  Yes, the U.S. Treasury has sneakily removed “In God We Trust” from the face of the new dollar coins.

But, there is much worse to come.  One day soon, they will be killing us and thinking they are doing God a favor by doing so.

We should oppose every intrusion of government into religion.  We should mobilize our friends and our churches against the anti-Christ spirit in our courts, legislatures, and the executive branch.  However, let’s not get overly worked-up over it.  “All these things must come to pass.”

If you want to get worked up over something, if you want to lose sleep over something, let it be the winning of more souls for Christ.

The time is so short.  Of course the world is going to hate us.  Of course evil people will attempt to take away our rights.  Soon, they’ll be taking away our money and our property, imprisoning us, and killing us.

That doesn’t matter right now.  We know how the book ends.  We know that there are many more martyrs for Christ yet to be made (maybe you or I).  We can’t change that.

What does matter right now, and what we can make a difference with, is the winning of souls. 

We can’t change the course on which humanity has set itself.  We cannot change end-times events foretold in prophecy 2,000 years ago and testified of in the very newspaper and TV-news headlines we see every day.  But, we can win one more soul.  We can point one more person to Heaven.  We can help one more person understand that their sin can be forgiven and that they can have peace with God.

We need to understand the difference between what we can change, and what we cannot change.  Where will our effort be useless, and where will it be useful?  What is worth losing sleep over, and what is not?

Time is short.  Let’s go out and win one more.

Out of the mouths of infidels …

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

 Last week there was an article on the Fox News web site about an islamic web site created by a man in North Carolina. Among other things, the moslem man wrote:

“As for conquering the world, then yes. We will conquer the world with the Qur’aan in one hand and the Gun in the other and we will fight until Islaam is supreme over all lands in order to guide humanity from the darkness of governments and religions and into the broad light of Islaam.”

Of course, we all knew already that they want to conquer the world. They have stated that again and again, and they have proven that they will resort to cold-blooded murder in order to advance their cause.

But, the next paragraph was particularly poignant:

“And how come the Qur’aan has no versions but the Bible has many? How can the Bible be trustworthy with so many different versions?”“Sounds quite demonish to me for someone to follow something that has foundations which are outstandingly weak, contradictory and illogical.”

How ironic that the pagans can see the truth about the Bible versions issue so much more clearly than most Christians! If we can’t decide among ourselves what our “Holy Book” says, who in the world is going to take Christians seriously?

How foolish we must look to the unsaved, when they see us toting around dozens of different “Bible” versions – all saying different things – claiming all of them are the Word of God.

How foolish we must look, when they open up one of our Bibles and see footnotes which cast doubt upon whether or not a verse or portion of Scripture really belongs in the Bible.

How foolish we must look, when they open the cover of our Bible and see that it is copywrited by human authors.

Let us pray that Christians will open their eyes and see what infidels and unbelievers already see so clearly.  We can’t have 100 books that say very different things and call them all “The Bible”.  We can’t use translations based upon a greek manuscript that didn’t exist anywhere in the world before the 1870’s (there go the NIV, NASV, NKJV, et al.).

Let’s return to the King James Version, the 100% accurate Word in English, translated from the manuscripts used by Christians throughout the ages.  It just makes sense.