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Obama vs. McCain?

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Of all the presidential elections in my lifetime, this has been the one I have been the least interested in.  There is no good choice among all of the potential candidates, which leaves me quite uninterested in voting.

Had Huckabee remained in the race, maybe there would be a reason to go to the polls.  But … McCain?  McCain is so far to the left that he could just as well run as a Democrat. 

I have heard more than one Republican say they intend to vote for Obama.  This creates a problem for the Republican Party.  McCain needs the conservative voter bloc to turn out in great numbers in order to win the election.  However, he has betrayed the conservatives so many times, that this large bloc of voters has no inclination to vote for him.  McCain, on his own, cannot get the conservative vote.

If Hillary Clinton were to get the Democrat Party nomination, her presence in the election would have motivated the conservative voter base to turn out en masse in November just to vote against her by voting for McCain.  Plus, the less conservative replublicans would be more committed to McCain because of Hillary’s association with the Bill Clinton presidency, and her wild attempt to grab control of the health care industry with her failed universal care plan.

If Obama gets the nomination, McCain’s goose is cooked.  McCain doesn’t have the integrity with conservative voters to get them to turn out for him, and many middle-of-the-road Republicans will be actually voting for Obama.  Because of his relatively unknown past (not much political baggage, plus the perception of being “fresh” and “different”), coupled with his commanding and authoritative oratory style, he will capture huge swathes of Republican voters.  In an Obama-McCain race, Obama will be the next President of the United States.

Where does that leave us?  Well, our next president will either be bad or worse.  But, it won’t be the first time that God has judged a nation by placing a bad ruler over it.