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What a weekend!

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

There was an explosion Saturday afternoon at a data center in Houston, TX.  Something in the power supply room went, taking three walls of the room with it.  In a split second, 9500 web servers shut down.

Many of the servers in this data center are used by web hosting companies, and can have 200, 300, 500, or more sites hosted on one computer.  Plus, one set of servers there controlled the DNS for 90,000 other web sites.   Nobody knows how many web sites went dark in that instant, but it could have been upward toward 1,000,000.

 The data center staff and independent contractors worked around the clock to restore service, gradually bringing one rack of servers after another online beginning early this morning.  DNS still looks like a mess.

We had one server down for the weekend because it was in the affected data center.  Our main server, however, was still on-line, although the DNS issues stopped e-mail from working.  I worked on the issues straight through (except for church Sunday and 90 minutes of sleep Monday morning) until I finally got e-mail working by Monday morning.  Then, I stayed up Monday to monitor the servers to make sure nothing else went wrong while the teams at the datacenter were were working to stabilize the situation.  Monday night couldn’t come soon enough.

It just so happened that yesterday (June 1) was the day that my family began the transition from supporting our ministry here in Maine and on the Internet via commercial web development work, to making it a faith-supported ministry.  And our missionary web site through which people could support our ministry was in the data center where the explosion occurred.

But, God new that this explosion would occur on the day He wanted us to begin our transition, so we’re not worried about it.

And, we had a great day at church yesterday.  I preached from Matthew 6 (”no man can serve two masters…”), relating it to Joshua (”As for me and my house …”) and Elijah (”Why halt ye between two opinions?  If the Lord be God, serve Him!”).