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More about Georgia

Monday, August 18th, 2008

I wrote a few days ago about what I thought was the real reason for the Russian invasion  of Georgia.  Basically, it boiled down to an illustration of the biblical principle, “for the love of money is the root of all evil.”

 I have since learned that when the pipeline that runs through southern Georgia was being planned, the Russians lobbied hard to have the pipeline take a more northerly route (through Russia).  Instead, it was decided to send it through the southerly route, thus Russia lost the significant money and leverage it otherwise would have had.  It all keeps coming back to money, not principle, as the cause of the invasion.

Georgia has also had a propering economy — the best of all of the former Soviet occupied regions by some estimates — because of significant free market reforms spearheaded by the President of Georgia.  This is part of the motivation for Russia’s draconic scorched-earth military retreat.  Before withdrawing, the Russians are blowing up train bridges, destroying communications facilities, and wiping out all the infrastructure they can tape a bomb to.  Security cameras even caught Russian soldiers robbing a Georgian bank.

If the Russians thought that this invasion would intimidate other former Soviet territories and bring them more inline with Moscow, then it has severely backfired on them.  Asian and Eastern European nations formerly a part of the Soviet empire have nearly universally — and boldly — stood up and spoke defiantly against Moscow.  Poland has agreed to let the U.S. base part of it’s anti-missile system there.  Ukraine has announced that it will not renew Russia’s lease on the naval base where Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is based when it expires in 2017, and said that it will expell any ships used in the aggression against Georgia.  To top it off, Ukraine also offered a Soviet-built satellite monitoring facility to the U.S.

To be honest, there is probably a whole lot more behind these events that we know — and more than we will ever know.   There is so much that goes on behind the scenes with the powers that control and manipulate world events (and I’m not talking about nations or politcial movements) which will never come to light until Judgment Day.

I agree with atheists?

Monday, August 18th, 2008

I was shocked this afternoon to find that I agree with some atheists!

A group of atheists in Italy have sued to ban baptisms.  At first I thought, “these guys are crazy.”  On what grounds would they want to ban baptism?

 I read the news article a little further and found that they were not seeking to ban all baptisms, just the baptism of infants and children.

I found myself somewhat in agreement, though not for the same reasons.  They say that it infringes upon the right to free religion for parents to have their infant or child baptized.  I say it infringes on God’s law — a much higher domain.

Now, to be clear, I certainly don’t think that this is a matter for temporal courts to decide.  There should be no law telling parents what “religious” activities they should be involved in, and what activities are suitable for children.

However, I would say that it is silly for parents to have their infants baptized, in light of what the Bible says.  The Bible very clearly gives us baptism as an ordinance for professing believers, not infants or children incapable of understanding the Gospel.  It is wicked to have a man in a dress sprinkle water on a child, then let that child grow up believing that they are a part of the Church and have been baptized because of that ceremony.

Not until someone has sought and obtained the absolution of their sins through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross should they ever be considered as a candidate for baptism.  Before that point, it is just meaningless ceremony.

 So, I do agree with these atheists that baptism of infants and children is a bad thing.  I do not agree with their reason for it being bad, and I certainly do not agree with their solution.

Here’s the news article:  Atheists abandon attempt to ban baptisms