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Preaching Schedule, September 7-11

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Sunday, September 7
10:00 AM — Evangelist Clarence Hafelin
6:30 PM — Evangelist Clarence Hafelin

Monday, September 8
6:30 PM — Evangelist Russell Williams; Evangelist Clarence Hafelin

Tuesday, September 9
6:30 PM — Pastor Emeritus Ronald J. Meldrum; Evangelist Clarence Hafelin

Wednesday, September 10
6:30 PM — Dr. Paul McLaughlin; Evangelist Clarence Hafelin

Thursday, September 11
6:30 PM — Pastor Ron Meldrum; Evangelist Clarence Hafelin

Preachers for next month’s meetings

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

 Evangelist Clarence Hafelin

Evangelist Clarence Hafelin was converted in 1977 out of a hardened and rebellious lifestyle. Several years later God called Clarence to preach. He pursued formal training and finished degrees in both Pastoral and Missions Ministries. Clarence had 8 years of pastoral experience before entering the evangelistic ministry in 1994. He has worked with numerous churches both at home and abroad and has a heart for revival and evangelism. Clarence’s wife, Linda, and their three children, Isaac, Rebekah, and Elijah, travel with him. They are sent from Cornerstone Baptist Church of Hamilton, NY, where they are members.

 Pastor Emeritus Ronald J. Meldrum

Rev. Ronald J. Meldrum is pastor emeritus at King’s Valley Chapel. He has pastored six churches in Missouri and two in Maine during his lifetime of service to God. After honorable discharge from the Air Force, Meldrum attended Southwest Baptist College in Bolivar, MO, graduating in 1960. While still a student at Southwest, he began preaching at a small country church, driving 70 miles (one-way) to get to the church. He was King’s Valley Chapel’s first pastor, being called shortly after the church formed 33 years ago.

 Dr. Paul McLaughlin

Dr. Paul McLaughlin is director of Hope Haven Gospel Mission, a homeless shelter / soup kitchen in Lewiston. McLaughlin was saved in 1983 and graduated from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL, in 1987. He has preached at rescue missions, churches, and other venues, including chapel services at Hope Haven. He has been a Certified Pastoral Member of the National Christian Counselors Association since 2001 and a Professional Clinical Member of the National Christian Counselors Association since 2002.

 Russell Williams

Russell Williams, who now lives in the Sanbornville, NH, area, has ministered in a variety of settings since he gave his life to Christ while living in Florida in 1994. Nurtured under the preaching of James Knox of Bible Baptist Church, Deland, FL, he ministered in nursing homes, rescue missions, on the radio, on the Internet, and at public events. In 2000 Williams began a ministry as a reenactor of the famous early-twentieth-century evangelist Billy Sunday, speaking at locations including Sunday’s birthplace of Ames, IA, and at the Billy Sunday Home and Visitor Center in Winona Lake, IN. In 2005, Williams returned to New Hampshire and settled in Sanbornville, where he has continued to minister through writing and preaching.

 Pastor Ron Meldrum

Pastor Ron Meldrum has pastored King’s Valley Chapel since 2001. Meldrum, who grew up in Kingfield, also serves as the chairman of the board of directors of Hope Haven Gospel Mission in Lewiston, and founder/director of Baptist Ministries, an Internet ministry that helps in the creation and maintenance of web sites for independent Baptist organizations.