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Annual Fall Conference, “A Time to Advance”

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Join us for five evenings of old-fashioned preaching and teaching in Kingfield, Maine. In World War I, the French Field Marshal Ferdinand Foch telegraphed to Paris, “I am hard-pressed on my right. My center is failing. It is impossible to move. The situation is excellent. I attack!” He did so, and pushed the enemy back, preventing the Germans from conquering France and ultimately assuring the allies of victory in the War.

In this day of failing churches, worldly churches, shrinking attendance, and the marginalization of Jesus Christ in our society, many Christians have assumed a defeatist mentality. We must understand that the victory is already won for us, and we as Christians need to take our eyes off of circumstances and fix them on God. It’s not a time for defeatism, surrender, and retreat. Now is a time to move forward, to build new works, to spread the Gospel as it has never been spread before.

There will be preaching every evening, culminating with meetings throughout the day on Thursday.

Preaching Schedule:

Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM – Evangelist Mike Patterson

Sunday Evening at 6:30 PM – Pastor Ron Meldrum, Evangelist Mike Patterson

Monday at 6:30 PM – Russell Williams; Evangelist Mike Patterson

Tuesday at 6:30 PM – Evangelist Clarence Hafelin; Evangelist Mike Patterson

Wednesday at 6:30 PM – Pastor Ron Meldrum; Evangelist Mike Patterson

Thursday at 10:00 AM – Ladies’ Fellowship; Jenny Patterson

Thursday at 1:30 PM – “Why we use the King James Bible,” a presentation by Pastor Ron Meldrum documenting the history of the Bible and the importance of having a preserved, inspired Word of God for Christians today.

Thursday at 3:00 PM – Dr. Paul McLaughlin, Director, Hope Haven Gospel Mission

Thursday at 4:00 PM – Pastor David Vought, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Madison.

Thursday at 6:30 PM – Evangelist Clarence Hafelin; Evangelist Mike Patterson

You can also download a printable flyer with the schedule and information about each preacher.

Contact me if you would like more information.

A Time to Advance

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

We’re recording the preaching every week, now.  Here’s Sunday’s message — “A Time to Advance” — which coincides with the theme for our upcoming Fall Conference.


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A Time to Advance (MP3 Audio), Sunday, July 19, 2009 AM, Pastor Meldrum.