7 saved — A great week of meetings!

What a wonderful week last week was.

It started out with Tropical Storm Irene flooding us in at the Church, and we had to stay overnight at the Church with no electricity after the Sunday evening preaching.  All of the highways were closed, and four bridges were washed out.  But, we had oil lamps, plenty of clean water to drink, plenty of food, and a great spirit among everyone.  It was one of those nights we will probably never forget.

Monday evening, things started to warm up with some good preaching by Bro. Hafelin and Bro. Patterson.  Tuesday was what I called “Youth Day” — we had 39 youth show up!  We started at noon with a spaghetti feed for the youth, then had some outdoor activities, then Bro. Hafelin preached at them, then we had some more outdoor activities, and then supper.  For the preaching that evening, we had 51 people there (the most we’ve had in that little building in the 10 years I have been here) and had to set up chairs in front of the pews and behind the pews to get everyone in.  God is so good.  there were 3 saved that night, including the toughest teenager there, who had been brought by one of his friends.  This 17-year-old came right up to me afterward asking how soon he could be baptized, and he went home and told all of his friends that he was saved.

On Thursday afternoon, Bro. Carl Morrison (planted a church 18 months ago in Bridgton, Maine), Bro. Paul McLaughlin (Hope Haven Gospel Mission), and Bro. Chuck Barnes (Maine church planter) preached, and Hafelin & Patterson wrapped it up by preaching in the evening.  In all, 7 were saved during the week and we had the best attendance ever.  There was a wonderful spirit all week long.  I have never seen teenagers respond like this to the preaching of God’s Word.  What a sight to see the young men and women.

God has so blessed.  There is a new spirit in the Church.  God is so good.  I don’t know if my Dad was able to see what was going on this week at the Church he poured 25 years of his life into, but if he did see it, he’s probably still shouting “AMEN!”

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