Out of the mouths of infidels …

 Last week there was an article on the Fox News web site about an islamic web site created by a man in North Carolina. Among other things, the moslem man wrote:

“As for conquering the world, then yes. We will conquer the world with the Qur’aan in one hand and the Gun in the other and we will fight until Islaam is supreme over all lands in order to guide humanity from the darkness of governments and religions and into the broad light of Islaam.”

Of course, we all knew already that they want to conquer the world. They have stated that again and again, and they have proven that they will resort to cold-blooded murder in order to advance their cause.

But, the next paragraph was particularly poignant:

“And how come the Qur’aan has no versions but the Bible has many? How can the Bible be trustworthy with so many different versions?”“Sounds quite demonish to me for someone to follow something that has foundations which are outstandingly weak, contradictory and illogical.”

How ironic that the pagans can see the truth about the Bible versions issue so much more clearly than most Christians! If we can’t decide among ourselves what our “Holy Book” says, who in the world is going to take Christians seriously?

How foolish we must look to the unsaved, when they see us toting around dozens of different “Bible” versions – all saying different things – claiming all of them are the Word of God.

How foolish we must look, when they open up one of our Bibles and see footnotes which cast doubt upon whether or not a verse or portion of Scripture really belongs in the Bible.

How foolish we must look, when they open the cover of our Bible and see that it is copywrited by human authors.

Let us pray that Christians will open their eyes and see what infidels and unbelievers already see so clearly.  We can’t have 100 books that say very different things and call them all “The Bible”.  We can’t use translations based upon a greek manuscript that didn’t exist anywhere in the world before the 1870’s (there go the NIV, NASV, NKJV, et al.).

Let’s return to the King James Version, the 100% accurate Word in English, translated from the manuscripts used by Christians throughout the ages.  It just makes sense.

5 Responses to “Out of the mouths of infidels …”

  1. Brian@L.A. Says:

    “How foolish” it seems to use a stale old bible version like the kj.

  2. Brian@L.A. Says:

    Are you really the backwoods preacher, or the BACKWARDS preacher.

  3. Jon Groves Says:

    It is not foolish to read that which has been preserved by GOD. To read anything else is not only foolish and ridiculous but it is SIN! To read more visit why I am a King James only preacher @ http://www.fbc-indy.org/kjv_only.htm or my personal page at faithspianist.blogspot.com

  4. James Kryten Says:

    Hi! I am thoroughly impressed with your knowledge of Bibles. Your insights into this article about Bibles was well worth the the time to read it. I thank you for posting such awsome information. Signed James Kryten on this Day Saturday.

  5. Jon Says: