Will we be spared?

Yesterday I wrote about the food shortage that is not at our doorstep, but already in the door and sitting at the kitchen table.

The smug say, “I don’t care. I’ll be raptured before it gets too bad.”

Who do we think we are? Millions of faithful Christians and their families throughout history have died in famines, persecutions, and war. Why do we think that we are immune to these things?

Because we’re American? This stiff-necked, rebellious, worldy, sin-filled nation with it’s stiff-necked, rebellious, worldy, sin-filled Christians is headed for difficulty and divine judgment unparalleled in modern times. I’m not talking about the Great Tribulation, I’m talking about old fashioned divine judgment.

Think we’re immune? Think again.

Read the Old Testament again. When Israel and Judah were judged for their infidelity and rebellion, the faithful and upright in their midst suffered loss, were carried away, died in famine and war, right along with the unjust and unfaithful. It was a national judgment.

Daniel stayed faithful, and God blessed him abundantly even in the face of loss. Ezekiel stayed faithful, and God blessed him. Others, like Jeremiah, continued to suffer hardship and persecution despite their faithfulness – but God made it up to them on the “other side”.

Are we so much better, by virtue of our nationality, than all of the just, faithful men and women who have died in famine, war, natural disaster, persecution, and hardship over the last 6,000 years? Why won’t those woes overtake us?

We’re not promised an easy life here. There is no promise that my family and I won’t starve to death in the coming famine, no matter how faithful we are. Our hope lies not in this world, but the next.

Let’s be ready, sober, and vigilant. There are things that we can do to prepare, and I do believe that God will bless the preparations of His faithful. A little preparation now will save a lot of difficulty down the road.

What does God want you to do today?

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