Let me just brag about my Savior today.

Praise God for His provision and grace!  We were given a gas clothes dryer today by some folks who have an electric one where they are now, so they didn’t need the gas one.  It’s 7 years old, but has been in storage for about half that time and looks to be in great condition.  We just need to get an adapter because the fitting on the dryer is a different size than the one on the gas line.

This is a direct answer to prayer.  Our old electric dryer has been dead for almost a year.  We’ve been hanging the clothes out to dry in good weather, but this summer has been so rainy that we’ve usually ended up hanging them in the house … which is a little awkward when company comes to visit.  Praise God for providing for this need!

Also, we found out yesterday that the Veteran’s Administration is going to be paying a very large hospital bill for my father.  This bill has been a burden to my parents for several months, as they have a very limited income and the bill represented about 5 months of that income.

It was a little disappointing that medicare did not cover it.  My father has worked and paid into the medicare system all his life, and the first time in almost 8 decades that he needed to use the system, they declined him because the paperwork said he was admitted for “observation” (after experiencing chest pains and breathing trouble), not treatment, for the four days that they kept him.

I understand now that this is one of the new quiet, behind-the-scenes ways that medicare and most insurance companies have come up with to cut their expenses (at our expense, of course).  Fewer benefits for the same, or higher, premiums.  But, in the case of medicare, it is unfair to those that have worked and paid into the system all their lives, only to be left hanging when they need to use the very system they funded.

The concern over this bill had greatly affected my father’s health, so we were all very excited to find out that the VA is covering it.  Praise God!  He is so good.

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