Work Day at the Church

KVC Work DayWe had a great work day at the Church on Saturday.  Over half the Church showed up and a lot was accomplished.

We tore out a section of floor in the entry-way where it was getting soft, because of a roof leak a few years ago, and replaced the plywood to make it solid again.  Thankfully the beams underneath were in perfect shape.  We also replaced a couple broken window latches and pulled down some stained ceiling tiles.

The ladies pulled everything out of all the closets and the attic, reorganized everything, and threw out about half of it.  It’s amazing what gets accumulated over three decades.  We kept all of the old sunday school attendance books and other “historical” records but tossed out the 15-year-old cans of paint, broken decorations, faded plastic flowers, and everything else that we could not imagine having a use for again.  All the windows were washed, and the place was vacuumed and swept.

There are a few more things to do before our preaching meetings next month, but it’s looking like everything will get done in time!

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