God is Wonderful.

My wife was headed to her mother’s house (about 90 miles away) when, about halfway there, the engine lost oil pressure and began to rap.  She pulled off at a service station and looked under the car to see the engine leaking oil and oil sprayed all over the bottom of the card.

I have to admit that when she called me, I assumed the worst.  I questioned God as to why he would take away our only vehicle when we had no means for another.  I settled on Romans 8:28 and put it all in His hands.

Thankfully, she has a brother who lives 7 miles from where she broke down, and the roadside service allowed a tow of up to 15 miles, so we had it towed to his place.  One of his sons looked at it a couple days later to see what the problem was.  The problem was with an “oil sensor” gone bad, and parts and labor figured out to $100 even.  Wow.  $100 is a lot of money, but it’s a whole lot better than $1200-$1600.

All I can say is, “God is so good.”

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