How you can help

Pastor MeldrumThere are three ways that you can help our work in rural Maine:

1. Pray for us. Please, pray for our family and for this work. Prayer moves the throne of God, and this is where the greatest work will be done — in the prayer closet!  In our country, prayer is probably the most powerful, yet the most neglected, tool in the array of resources God has given the Christian.  There is simply no substitute for the relationship we develop with God through the hour of prayer.

2. Refer to us. If you know of people that might be interested in working in rural New England, put them in touch with us.  We would love to hear from anyone who has a burden for rural churches and church planting.

3. Financial Support. There are always financial needs. We’ve learned to sacrifice and be extremely frugal. There is always a need that can be filled, particularly during the cold winter months, if God moves you to support us in this way. I believe that where God leads, He provides, so I have no doubt that all of the needs of our own family and this ministry will be provided by Him. For over ten years He has provided for us through the Church here, through local and Internet projects and jobs I work as He provides opportunity, and through gifts from His people who have a burden for this work — and I don’t doubt for a second that He will continue to do the same as we labor for Him.

To give through the mail:

Pastor Ron Meldrum
2393 New Vineyard Rd.
New Vineyard, ME 04956


To give on-line, type in the amount you would like to give and click “continue” …