About our family & ministry

Thank you for visiting our web site to learn more about us.

We are independent, KJV Baptists with a burden for rural churches and church planting.

I pastor a small, country church in rural Maine. Many of you know me already as the manager of web sites such as FundamentalTop500.com, BaptistTop1000.com, BillySunday.org, Baptistology.com, and others. Some of you know me as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hope Haven Gospel Mission, a Baptist rescue mission in Lewiston, Maine.

Since 2001, God has provided our every need through prayer and a lot of work on the Internet and at local jobs, enabling us to continue to minister in this area of Maine. Today we receive about 1/4 of our support through the church here. God fills the gap with occasional gifts as He has laid us on the hearts of brothers and sisters around the world, plus whatever work we can find.  God has been very gracious to enable us to continue serving Him by providing for our needs day to day.

In 2005, we became increasingly burdened to plant more churches across rural Maine. There are many area without sound churches and many with no Gospel withness at all. We have begun raising awareness of this need and evaluating locations for church-plants. I believe that we can see rural Maine evangelized in our lifetime.

I believe that God has uniquely prepared our family for this ministry. I grew up in this area, the son of a faithful, old-fashioned Baptist preacher who pastored churches from Missouri to Maine. I have pastored here for eight years myself, working to generate my own family’s support. I know the issues and challenges confronting small, country churches. I know the isolation, disappointments, and other special challenges experienced by pastor’s in rural areas.

We have also, by necessity, learned to be very frugal, living on an income that is less than half the median income for the State of Maine and well below the U.S. poverty level. God has, by His grace, trained us for such a time, such a place, and such a ministry as this.

Thank you!