Put Your Ministry on the Web

People today are using the Internet to find churches to visit. The Internet is the first place they go to find information about ministries. If you do not have a web site, these people are missing you.

For many ministries, cost and expertise are the biggest challenges when it comes to having a web site. Missionaries, evangelists, and many churches do not have the money to develop a custom web site, nor the expertise to maintain it themselves over time.

Now there is a solution!

You can have a web site put together for your ministry by someone with over fifteen years of experience with web site design and development. You can keep the content of your web site updated through a very easy tool -- anyone who can type a letter in a word processor (like Microsoft Word) can maintain the content of your web site after it is set up.

Plus, you can have your web site built and hosted for a full year for the low ministry rate of $199. This price includes having a professional set up and design your site; a one-year registration of your web address; and a full year of web hosting on one of Baptist Ministries' web servers. After the first year, you pay just the web address renewal and one-year of web hosting ($99 altogether) each year. That's it!

How to Get Started ...

1. Reserve your web site with your on-line payment or by mailing a check to Ron Meldrum, 2393 New Vineyard Rd., New Vineyard, ME 04956. Make your check payable to "Baptist Ministries."

2. If you have photos you would like to use, e-mail them to ron@BaptistMinistries.us or send them in the mail to Ron Meldrum, 2393 New Vineyard Rd, New Vineyard, ME. Also include any preferences you have as to how you would like the web site to look.

What to Expect ...

1. We will contact you by e-mail or telephone with details of the information we will need to build your web site.

2. About a week after we receive all of the information for your site, you will be able to view a draft of your web site for your approval.

The details ...

1. Your web site will be deployed using the popular WordPress software, which makes it easy for your to make changes to the text of the web site whenever you want, with no programming knowledge necessary.

2. We will set up your site with up to 10 web pages, a customized graphic header, and colors.

3. You can change the text of your web site as often as you like, using WordPress' simple-to-use web page editor. It's like writing a letter in Microsoft Word. No special skills are needed.

4. Need something different? Want someone to maintain the site for you? Need to put audio sermons on-line? We can design a site as simple or as complicated as you need, and if yours is an independent Baptist ministry, we will do the work for far below market-rate. contact us.

About the Web Developer ...

Pastor Meldrum has worked as a professional web site developer since 1995. Since answering the call to pastor a rural church in Maine in 2001, he has continued to build web sites on a freelance basis in order to "make tents" to support his family's ministry in Maine.

Example web sites

$199 Ministry web site for one year. Just $99 per year thereafter includes your web address ("domain name") and the whole year of web hosting.

What You Get:

  • domian name (web address) for one full year.
  • web hosting for one full year.
  • Initial web site set-up and basic design, for up to 10 pages.
  • Review, advice, and consulation from an independent Baptist web developer and pastor who sees the value in your work and wants you to be successful.